Seaside seats

Peeling paint colours on this shabby chic set of wooden seats fits the down-at-heel ambience of Cliftonville in Kent. These are not well-placed for taking in the sea views but offer a welcome rest along the esplanade for promenaders from Margate to Ramsgate.

This could almost be one for Blue Monday but it certainly fits the 'Pull Up a Seat' prompt

21 thoughts on “Seaside seats

  1. Oh, lovely! I do love peeling paint, and sometimes pick up fab pieces of old fishing boats here. The real shabby-chic deal, as you can’t recreate the look.
    Greetings from the wild west coast!

      1. Is the the right place to read your writing too?
        I blog, randomly, on

        1. yes I write here too, mostly poems. And thanks for the link to your blog as I’ve tried to place you via the profile – why not add your website to your profile so others can find you more easily?

            1. where you left your comments, you have a Gravatar icon and should be able to click on it to add your details (although being a Blogger it may be different – not sure)

                  1. My ID just comes up as mimsy etc, my email acct, on my phone. Does it come up with an image for you?
                    I am totally technophobe.
                    But there is a bluetit outside my window on the birdfeeder …

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