8 thoughts on “Cold fury

        1. I believe she was using it not literally but in the ancient theory of body humours (like elements) Phlegm was associated with apathetic behaviour (preserved in the word “phlegmatic”) and perhaps touches on her bipolar disorder with its slothful depressive times

  1. Furious (hot) wintry mix: ice and phlegm. Sexton’s poem is remarkably paradoxical, but so satisfying in its visceral imagery. You’ve made me want to revisit more of her poetry.

    1. I am glad this has intrigued you for further reading Dora – Sexton’s high octane energy gave rise to poetry and writing and music but the lows got too much – you picked up some of that in this extract from her poem

  2. I’m sure I don’t know Anne Sexton’s poetry. Wow. Lovely taste you gave me. I’ll check her out.
    Snow already?! Oh my. Stay warm and toasty as can be.
    I always enjoy the quiet that the first snowfall brings. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Blessings.

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