Portrait of a free grazer

Unkempt, tethered and grazing with a companion on common land (the few bits left to us poor peasants after all the landgrab Enclosure Acts of the early 19th century). Probably one of the Traveller’s community and keen to investigate the walker coming down the public right of way!

The rich man’s joy encrease, the poor’s decay,
‘Tis yours to judge, how wide the limits stand
Between a splendid and a happy land.

~ Goldsmith

A piebald pony and perfect fit for Monochrome Monday

6 thoughts on “Portrait of a free grazer

    1. and new richer ones emerge all the time – I don’t mean that the Enclosures were all negative as it did increase food production with better use of the land but the public rights to less and less land continues for example by stealth e.g.rights of way confiscation through illegal fencing, bulls in fields etc so that walkers are unable to access and hence it fulfils the right to remove the disused public footpaths! Best to carry wire cutters! ‘Travellers’ have little regard for such rules and sometimes they are quite right to do so

    1. I am glad that something has transmitted from my camera Marina – the encounter has touched me to the point of anxiety for this one and its grazing companion in the snow – no shelter, horseblanket etc but they are a tough breed these traveller’s nags. Still, passing walkers must drop the odd apple or two which the grazers will find!!

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