A warm and long farewell

As if to make-up for December’s weather which has had few days of sunlight but plenty of rain, this, the last day of 2021, is mild and dry and sunny.

Shyly coated in greys, blacks, browns –
to keep us out of sight of the cold –

we weren’t expecting this this morning: sun

and shadows, like a summer’s evening, like summer
” ~ Winter Morning ~ Richard Meier

A final morning walk of 2021 in my Derbyshire locale and I am thankful for these last 6 months in my new home

for absent friends and loved ones
for seeing another seasonal circle in completion
for all the elements that surrounds us
for all my followers!
and for the unknown tomorrows that lie beneath the surface of all our todays

9 thoughts on “A warm and long farewell

    1. yes a long goodbye and bringing in a fresh start – though optimism is not easy I should try to treat every day as that – looking forward to more of your art and musical posts in 2022 Marina

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