listless as winter
but conker-brown
polished too

stretched taut
etched so fine
so ineffable

small sneaky fingers
feeling for being
a writhe, a wriggle

more inertia.
The wait.

for wonderment
that crack, that one
convulsive shiver

a bold winged creature
stepping out

Just 44 words for Merril’s quadrille: Shiver

71 thoughts on “chrysalis

  1. The whole poem rocks, Laura. I know the exact shade of polished conker-brown. I saw such a crysalis on a walk through the woods about a month ago but didn’t see it until I got home and took a close look at the photos I took. What a wondrous surprise when I did.

  2. Lovely style, lovely description, and denouement, even in just 44 words…so nice…the first little stanza just swept me right in…

      1. That first line though…only three words…wonderful, then the conker brown…polished…one KNOWS a story will come here…..lovely!

  3. The style and format brought suspense to the story , each stanza another step closer to the miracle of life. So beautifully rendered.

  4. You almost hold your breath as you read this, watching the step by step emergence into new being.

  5. I love the sense of wonder and amazement so eloquently captured! Your formatting, too, makes it want to be more than forty four words yet it is the perfect amount. 🙂

  6. An excellent picture of the pregnancy of unexpected possibility. (BTW, I replied to your comment on my blog asking clarification, if you wish)

      1. And I replied to your reply. Don’t worry, I follow your comments — so no need to tell me here. Also, unlike 95% of poetry blogger, I actually follow comments if I make a challenging statement on someone’s blog. So I’d wager that your replies to commenters here are largely unheard.

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