pet talk

you with your nine lives
me having passed most of mine
heedlessly. Both ends of the burnt candle
vaulting the traces for the sake of kicks
a fool with flames, coupling the combustible
dicing danger with a careless toss
a dangle just over the precipice
though my feet never far above ground
and now you with your nine lives
and high altitudes; those impossible leaps
the curtain clambers, tree scrambles
double jeopardy of human highways
and poison wrapped as temptation
you with your nine lives
may you live to see them all

with this evocative photo by Josephine, Carrie gives us a prompt to fire up the 196th Sunday Muse

29 thoughts on “pet talk

  1. Cats are lithe and limber, those vertical leaps impress every time. Decrepit aged can choose two paths in response as they observe the acrobatics (maybe the double jeopardy you mention?), resentment or enjoyment. I’m happy this observer chose the latter.

  2. An oldie has many stories to tell. A meowing listening ear. Luv the conversation Laura. Happy Sunday

    Much love…

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