walk on by

There was quite a lot I liked about this photo. But first I had to convert it to black and white so that the garish ‘Christmas tree’ installation to the left ceased to be such an unwanted distraction.

Entitled Temenos "it depicts a magic circle of protective energy... and invites reflection on the necessity of support structures"

Apologies to the artist Liliane Lijn but I was more interested in how the late morning light was just pushing into the darker corners as well as creating a framed shadow on the buildings in the background. I’d anticipated the woman in the faux leopard skin coat walking on by to fill the foreground frame here as well as provide a nice long shadow but am still not sure if it had been better to have waited a second or two sooner or later, so that she does not cut off the angle of the water. On the other hand, I’m entirely happy with her placement in the frame. Finally, the mid-ground pedestrian walking parallel seemed like a good inclusion as balance but now it just irks. Still, I had to have both people or none as we cannot direct everything about our photos, especially those on the street!

Panasonic Lumix Lens: 14-140mm f/3.5-5.6 (28mm wide angle to 280mm full format)
f 5; 1/200; ISO 160

Note: I’m casting a critical eye on those photos that almost passed muster and paying attention to technicalities. One for the ‘second best Sunday’

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