the art of salt

Addictive additive.
We've taxed the taste
of seven seas.
the devil’s eye
for fear of waste;
against seduction.
In the punishing mines
shed briny tears
sweat drying grimy white
the way salt pans do

Sodium dessication
a marvel of cubism
- under the microscope

Just 44 words for De’s quadrille prompt: Salt

49 thoughts on “the art of salt

  1. Salt truly is a marvel, hence, I suppose ‘the salt of the earth.’ I like the way you brought it under the microscope in order to scrutinise its structure.

  2. Oh, I LOVE this:
    “We’ve taxed the taste
    of seven seas.”

    I can taste it, and also see pirates pillaging for it. Wonderful.

  3. I love how you explored salt here–from salt mines and taste down to the microscopic level.
    There’s a book I read years ago called Salt, and it’s a history of salt.

  4. I came Laura, I read, great work my friend — but I am not well. Be back soon.

  5. “for fear of waste” is a nice touch. It’s brought us to where we are today. Saturated.
    My mother lived with me for the last two years of her life, requiring a drastic adjustment in my meal preparation. Fourteen years later, that’s still with me — for the better, I’d say. There’s always salt on the table for anyone so obliged.

  6. “sweat drying grimy white
    the way salt pans do”

    This evoked an immediate, visceral image. Stark and beautiful.

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