17 thoughts on “Zen in November

  1. Although I have titles for these I am in 2 minds as to whether they should be named or just left numeric- however if you have a suggestion for any of them please do leave a comment.

    p.s. am just trying out the clappers and will see how they go

  2. These are wonderful, Laura, with #3 as my favorite! I’m a “number” person, as in I don’t particularly like giving titles to my work. Why narrow one’s imagination?! 😉
    ps… I see I can clap multiple times… I went a bit overboard with #3! 😉

  3. I especially like the hidden depths in the last one. Like the molecular structure of some mysterious thing. (K)

  4. OK, well last first. Either way, don’t matter. BUT… a named title can become part of the poem, with meanings open to multiple understandings, as the poem itself might be.

    The first is where I sit the longest. “Dragon dreams of falling”. I read a real story in that image inviting second views. All interesting to the eye.

    1. I like your take on titles Neil but because these are abstracts, they are left open to the imagination …and what an imagination you have Neil, dreaming of dragons in the first. Coincidentally I did a photoedit today and saw a dragon within – it awaits a poem to match as in my Phoartry section. I think I found one in Bly.

    1. thank you, John, not least because in photography I am most at ease with monochrome (though I often still shoot in colour as this forthcoming week will reveal!)

  5. hi again. Perhaps I’m dense. Can’t find your email – so here, instead. Haven’t forgot that “dragon” image of yours, #1, and a few poem scratches started. I am asking your permission to use that image with my poem/post when it happens. Credits of course (happy to send visitors to your work). Let me know. Thanks. neil

    1. I hide my email from bots (but am thinking of adding a contact somewhere if only the bots don’t find it first!) -meanwhile you are welcome to use the ‘dragon’ – click on image to enlarge then right click to save

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