Tuesday trees

After the challenge of trying to photograph the small details of leaves, twigs, berries etc with a wind blowing (see Mellow Monday), I turned the camera instead to the stiller aspects of trees in finer detail. And afterwards found some useful tips on photographing trees from David Peterson

Getting close to your subject is another great way to give your viewer a complete sense of the tree.

A tree can be its own ecosystem, complete with other plants, insects and even small mammals. Look for interesting things hiding in the bark

Remember that when you get close to your subject you’ll need to use smaller apertures to keep everything in focus—this is especially true for trees, since the trunk is a cylinder shape and your depth of field will fall off pretty rapidly as the trunk curves away from you.

Fill the frame with detail to create an abstract image or a macro shot of a world that most people never think to look at….Just remember to look at those trees with your photographer’s eye, and not with the eye you use to see the everyday world.

More from this photography session tomorrow with a Watery Wednesday

11 thoughts on “Tuesday trees

  1. Your human eye is doing fine seeing and bringing things to better light. (And I might think this eye is the eye you use for your “ordinary” sight.) (Is it so ordinary?) (gracious – is better word)

    1. I think the I/eye has to shift – call it right brain perhaps or something akin to the dissolution of subject/object – abstracting it perhaps the first step

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