Thursday textures

When we think of textures, we think also of the tactile nature – the feel, the sounds – but this week’s photo sessions in my local park offered little in that direction after weeks of rain.

On this first of December, as winter is nearing and the splendour of Autumn is full blown, the camera focused on the woodland floor, making the most of the marvellous mosaics of leaf litter that are still to be had (bending down with a stiff painful back and fixed lens did not offer the greatest clarity but still…)

Getting a feel for the ankle-deep layers
a woodland montage
Muted deciduous tones of Larch needles threading through hornbeam
Standing out from the crowd – there’s always one!
when the light is dull, the damp brings out the burnished

After these full frames tomorrow’s Formalized Friday brings a more meditative minimalism

11 thoughts on “Thursday textures

  1. After your tree spotting earlier in the week I made a conscious effort to look closer at the trees on my walks this week. Hopefully I’ll get a post out at some point!

    1. if only we could capture those with our cameras – instead the visuals have to portray it all and maybe that is something to keep in mind

  2. I love the stump and the random sticks that fell so gracefully. Autumn is a great time to photograph outdoors, isn’t it?

      1. We have a favorite word in the Pacific Northwest – sunbreaks. That’s what we look for on these overcast days that seem endless.

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