Hot Spots

Like love in a cold climate, I could not help but notice the incidental red-hot spots of colour in a sea of blues and white at Plymouth harbour and Looe. Of course the temperatures were far from warm, this being February but perhaps that is why I was drawn to those few alerting colours though in marine environs they are of course just that, being the colour of lighthouses and lifesavers and of necessity need to be stand-out and ancillary.

Standing out from the crowd
Taking no chances
keep to the middle
Stay clear

And just for the fun of it to prove a point, I edited the selective colour in Photoshop between a colour and monochrome layer and here’s another method

2 thoughts on “Hot Spots

  1. Well Laura, that was an enjoyable romp. A sucker for seaside towns. See what you mean about red. Still much cold here, tip-toeing round freezing sometimes. But red made me think of yellow (is that the old ocean color?). That seaside cove I showed recently (gosh, 50 years of memories) once had small boats anchored close. One I remember, blue hull and sails like sunflower yellow. Appealing. Very calm water in your pictures I notice. Hmm.

    And yea, that book you referenced, arrived today. Gosh golly, at first glance. Guessing there’s lot to harvest there. And by-the-way used to be my job, writing prompts. So if you ever wish I’ll do some thinking about what might be well tailored to your tastes. Be well.

    1. I too am drawn to the sea, their faded towns, the anchored boats in all the ports etc though I live as far from the sea in the UK as you can get! Enjoy the Cole – I read the bite sized pages at random but never together
      p.s. if I ever run out of ideas will let you know!

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