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Pearly gates

An erasure poem of my own drafts – Charley (Life in Portofino) calls his drafts sleeping alligators – so with a nod to his wordsmithing, this category is called ‘crocks on the rocks’

gathering clouds

We did not notice their coming. Eyes fixed on the apex, minds on the map, our breath shortening to the point of discomfort. Stopping then and turning to the east, sucking in salty ozone breaths from the wide flat seascape below. Skylarks filtered upward into silence.… Continue Reading “gathering clouds”

Being six

monotonous months of monochrome light drear and cold as the fifties withdrew when the sky suddenly turned a miraculous blue riding cloud nine on that very first flight where fairy pink shells were scattered in sand and hoof prints of sea horse went cantering round a rubber duck ring buoyed a salt water sprite there were buttery crab petit déjeuners a locket… Continue Reading “Being six”