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on the cusp the vertiginous brink and a dizzying daring leap between then and there their way home and this half way house a precipice that spells recipe for disaster for certain ice and a slippery slope the boy hangs back limp and lolling in limbo like all forsaken playthings when the fun fizzled out… Continue Reading “Pubescent”

Bake a miller pink

Pink is one of those colours I try to avoid yet find myself drawn to. Evidently there is a recessive Barbie gene embedded in the generations long before that lolly dolly was even dreamed of. However, the sight of children ladled with lurid pink clothes… Continue Reading “Bake a miller pink”

Line break

breaking the tide line seawater curls smooth lathery lips over a jagged shelf, shingle and shells tucked under the breach, it arrives edges closer curious as a calf trembling and torn between hoof and scintillating scent of the salty hand with nothing to taste but the wind or at times a frothing bull, its rage vengeful in cold blue-greens only to… Continue Reading “Line break”