too old for balloons?

on the cusp
the vertiginous brink
and a dizzying daring leap between
then and there
their way home and this half way house
a precipice that spells recipe
for disaster for certain
ice and a slippery slope

the boy hangs back
limp and lolling in limbo
like all forsaken playthings
when the fun fizzled out
when he grew too old to cling
is it a must to just up and cut the string?
the toy balloon hangs hesitantly there
then off and away in a rush of air
wavering without even a wave
- hard to admit how much he misses it

Prompted by the WP daily challenge Precipice as am uniting with others in the Poetry Pantry

26 thoughts on “too old for balloons?

  1. You have captured well that “vertiginous brink” and the unreadiness to leave childhood behind. Childhood is much too brief, in my opinion.

  2. This is an excellent poem. I especially like the opening and this section:

    “the boy hangs back
    limp and lolling in limbo
    like all forsaken playthings”

    1. yes I’ve merged boy and playthings in limbo – thank you for your appreciation

  3. This is so good, Laura….I love the slippery slope of growing too old to cling but still missing that toy balloon when it’s cut. Powerful.

  4. 60-70 years ago it seemed to be much easier to break loose and do it alone, perhaps finances and other pressures are greater these days than then. But they will only know they can if they put on wings and fly.

    1. Angst has increased and it’s a different world now but the precipice of adolescence we have surely all faced with some fear and uncertainty

  5. Enjoyed your verse and works beautifully with the image. I zipped over to your photography site but couldn’t find a comment area there. Loved the Seville shot!

    1. thanks for all your zipping and lovely comment Tina – both blogs are in this theme and I know it can be hard to find the comment box at the bottom as there is such a big space between it and the post!

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