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A water nymph for sure but never one to tempt the river god No Diana is this dark hunter with Medusan mandibles Instead a candid, hawkish carnivore Subterranean bully hunting in the dirty depths Orderly fashioned instar after instar gorging fit to burst Primed for… Continue Reading “Anisoptera”


In the thoracic chamber are two grotesques narrow pinched features outward facing like a Medusan mirror to send shivers down the great Destructor; this world we know is not benign and at the turnstile, no earthly bribe gives entrance to the plush kingdom Symbolic soul ugly as sin to begin in the roily water fashioned it seems… Continue Reading “Anima”


mid-sentence they held my attention eye-catching sparks of early bright sun maydaying in becalmed acres of grass I figured metal foil loosely crumpled resplendent, silver-quickened not gaudy geegaws, gold or brass one of nature’s objet trouvé trinkets clichéd on pendant, brooch or bracelet’s charm – semblance of wire and plexiglas ~ii~ a dessicated old soul of the… Continue Reading “Sparks”