The enchanted pool

Heyday holidays
summertime longer than finger counting hours
shrimp of a boy with his net

prisoner of pirates
walking the fallen tree trunk blind
lagoon lapped toes

space-time sorcery
no newts or sticklebacks to lure
only mermaids and sprites

hypnotic sway of weeds
below a drowned witch waves at him
spellbound 'til the homeward call

With Toads Flash 55 word prompt plus lacuna  and joining other versifers at Poetry Pantry 

38 thoughts on “The enchanted pool

  1. I remember being so spellbound! Love the imagination twining through the natural surroundings. My favorite phrase: “space-time sorcery.” Bravo!

    1. such childhoods we had with nature – room to move and space to dream – less protected than today.

  2. “space-time sorcery” Brilliant!

    This is a wonderful narrative, Laura. I had no idea you were so talented in the visual arts too. I love your picture.

    1. a mix in this one with Tangledfx app & smart photo editing – photoart is another of my attempts with creativity Kerry

    1. thank you – it was a lucky coincidence as had titled it ‘enchanted pool’ a while back – the image seemed to conjure the lacuna/lagoon prompt

  3. Such a delightfully rich style here – crammed to bursting. My favourite piece of the day so far, Laura. Thank you for this treat… With Best Wishes Scott

    1. I rely rather heavily on images to summon words – should it not be vice versa I wonder?!

  4. I love those finger counting hours – perhaps the essence of childhood (and wonder) is hoping for more time..not less.. I love how you convey that rich as summer haze..and the photo is magical too

    1. agree Jae Rose – I recall the feeling of summer stretching out ahead in seemingly countless time. Love that ‘rich as summer haze’ comment

  5. Have to agree with Susan “space-time sorcery” is a beautiful phrase that conjures up images in my brain 🙂

    1. I’m glad you could relate to this – as poets we try for that same imagination hence I think why Dylan Thomas wrote so much of childhood

    1. we are of an age when we were freer to wander in our imaginations as well as the real world

    1. ahh many thanks Sanaa – from this end of life it almost feels like childhood was a fairytale 🙂

    1. “That is the land of lost content,
      I see it shining plain,
      The happy highways where I went
      And cannot come again” Housman

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