blue glass photoart -poem
my photoart  @hanginguptodry

” When you’re between any kind of devil and the deep blue sea, the deep blue sea sometimes looks very inviting”  [Rattigan *]

I sent this card out of devilment
blank other than a short greeting
and the name by which you knew me
scrawled in imperial blue ink

the missive is fairly fathomable
a parting summary for periwinkle eyes that tease
deciphering code, pulling out the symbolic
after all blue is the missing colour
no longer deep down indigo miasma
of separation – more the misty insubstantia
of separate tables*

heated til molten – what a cliché
yet delicate as powder blue glass
and included there is the unspoken other
hovering like an opalescent spectre
though once the craquelure showed through
we’d evidently all shrunk and moved away

but do not read too deeply into this
I will never again cut my wrists for you

© Laura Granby 2016

*reference to Rattigan’s eponymous play & top quote from his ‘Deep Blue Sea’

For whimsygizmo’s Poetics: Breathing in Blue


      1. Was wondering if you’d ever thought of compiling one of those lovely photo books you can make with online architecture. Poems and images. It would be very beautiful. And some sites will sell them on a print on demand basis.


  1. Whew. That last line is a stunner.
    And I love this:
    “delicate as powder blue glass
    and included there is the unspoken other”

    Those words just adore each other, all secured together like that. Just a stunning couple of lines. Well done.


  2. Such strong parting lines – i could hear the scratch of the pen..perhaps like a blade on skin..the cracking of scars and parchment.. we hope always one time only for the latter…many times more the former…i love the sprinkles of colour – periwinkle – imperial – a quiet kind of devilment..which we always find the best


  3. “…hovering like an opalescent spectre…” Wow, what a line! And the last line totally shocked me. When you get feelings like that out of your reader, you know you’ve written well!


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