jet in a jar
miraculous almost
metamorphosed from petalled white
cascades of April showers
heated in halcyon hours
lazy fat matronly baskers
swell sponge-like into summer drops
rotund and diamanté purple
tested on waspish tongues
beads of suspended animation
outlasting even winter

© Laura Granby 2016

Björn is back at DVerse with 44 words contained in a jar for  Quadrille #14
and taking Tuesday time to mount the Open platform at real toads

35 thoughts on “Prunes

  1. Smiling I am. In my mind…..that’s what should be done with prunes…yech! Let them moulder in a jar.
    Lots in this piece…but my gut feeling came out with the title! 🙂

    1. Thanks for the prompt and reference

      I have ensured
      the prunes
      are kept in
      a sealed jar

  2. I like the way you kind of rewind the preserved fruit and present us first with the blossom.

    1. What a shame! Until the next time Sherry…your tightly packed observation add another layer to prunes huddled in the jar

    1. Many thanks – Until now had not considered all the transitional contrasts or even that I could muster 44 words about prunes!

  3. So earthy — earthward — here, walllowing in delight. A joyous low center of gravity, topped by such floral decadence.

  4. Hi Laura! I love the way you move so elegantly from ‘mouldering jet’ through
    ‘petalled white / cascades of April showers’ to ‘lazy fat matronly baskers / swell sponge-like into summer drops / rotund and diamanté purple’ Outrageously sensual!

    1. Became more mouth watering as the words dropped out – lovely comment Kim

    1. Glad you liked that – an almost accidental rhyme in the midst of quite free verse

    1. Bloom to prune – love it Susie 🙂 (long time since I’ve heard reference to human prunes but try to avoid them)

  5. Wow, you packed a lot into this 44 word writing from the sweet flower to the sublime fruit…love these lines: “lazy fat matronly baskers/swell sponge-like into summer drops
    /rotund and diamanté purple”…wonderful!

    1. Wondered if I had overdone the adjectives so appreciate your appreciation

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