Peach of immortality


new year has circled
peach tree scratches bare faced moon
first dream of the hare
you run east with the west wind
my body cold as late snow


breezy peach petals
the birthing hare squeals briefly
flesh flushed with longing
under mottled sheets I dream
ancestors cursing red moon


peaches cheek to cheek
summer sallow as moonlight
blade cleaves flesh to stone
the fleet hare shrieks in its snare
I dream drops of frozen blood


crescent autumn moon
held in an immortal cup
the hare curls asleep
soft ball of over-ripe peach
drops with a sigh in my lap

© Laura Granby 2016

Meeting Toni (kanzensakura) at the Bar for some more of the poetry form- Tanka

15 thoughts on “Peach of immortality

  1. I admire each tanka specially the last one Laura. I specially like how “peach” theme is uniquely presented in each one.

    1. made for the Tokugawa shogun, I imagined him eating a peach from this ceramic

    1. tanka is a real challenge to me and so is reworking the main motifs for something fresh each time p.s. thank you for the alert too over that broken linky

    1. right now is a the ripe time for peaches so maybe this helped with the prompt

    1. first dream of a new year is apparently significant and am very drawn to motif of the hare

    1. a tantalisingly teasing form from you! appears easy and yet does not come easily.

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