Ships that pass

when the first of the dry leaves
breezed in from the sea
and netted itself in the curtain
I knew you'd be ready to leave
- but wasn't our summer special?
you mocked my old piano
we churned a few love songs together
laughter in our lyrics
first time ever I'd posed for anyone
half clothed and perfumed
such memorable months
I barely recall leaving the room

I shall miss you
but not enough to stare at blank walls
make intricate roses out of magazines
no, I just set sail a couple of paper boats
burnt them like Viking lovers
now there's an autumn of others to harvest

© Laura Granby 2016

For Mindlovemiserie’s Menagerie ‘I shall miss you’ theme: Writing Prompt #173 ‘Collage 28’
and uniting with fellow versifiers at Poetry Pantry

32 thoughts on “Ships that pass

    1. thank you for such encouraging words – what would I do without your prompts though?

  1. That’s the right attitude. How else would we get through another year, first the autumn harvest, then cuddling up warm in winter and who knows what will give rise in spring?!

  2. Once again you had me captivated from the first image to the parting strength.. we must move on to reap another harvest and see the next ship in the night..

    1. thank you Barbara – paper hearts are never broken – only torn a little!

  3. To enjoy an experience fully, though knowing it will end, is not easy…..a chapter passes, but (alas) in autumn will be others!

  4. Ahhhh – I feel as if I’ve just enjoyed a romantic novel. Beautifully written!

    (I replied to your comment at ‘I Wish’ – want to make sure you see.)

    1. that is something! – thank you because poetry is condensed literature perhaps. p.s. thank you for your delicious ‘I wish’ comment too

  5. luv the portent of dry leaves to begin with; it resonates well with ease at which your wisdom relates to life goes on and the willingness to other harvests of loving

    much love…

    1. spot on – a portent from the outset but not a sad one as may be assumed at first!

    1. thank you Bjorn – seasons often run through my verse – must be the child of nature tendency

  6. That is such a striking image, and concept that, seeing the last leaf caught in the curtain “I knew you’d be ready to leave”…….

    1. was trying to avoid the predictable rhyme and found a better way of saying it

    1. thank you -I’m learning to avoid harvesting sour grapes in autumn!

  7. Loved, loved this–the rhythm of it–the imagery–the emotional landscape you paint–

    1. glad you felt it sings too as that is incorporated in the relationship

  8. So many layers of sensation and response here. That last line is a stunner, and not at all straightforward. Could be delivered in many tones of voice: ruthless, defiant, vindictive, accepting, resigned. A whole summer-that-was captured so sparely.

    1. once heard Kate’s ‘Taming of the Shrew’ delivery in not such contrite tones as the words seemingly suggest and indeed the last lines are ambivalent or at least ambiguous

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