Summer loving

Go now but I'll lodge here
under eaves of copper beech
twisted canopy of colours
rhythmic limbs atremble
kaleidoscoping secret summer lie ins
a spangled mosaic, upwardly mobile

go now and let the thousand-and-one falling leaves
litter me deep in wintry sleep

Whimsygizmo has given us leaves in all its meanings to kick around for this Quadrille #15

32 thoughts on “Summer loving

    1. many thanks – could not leave this prompt alone though not very prompt with response – enjoyed the literal and the word associations too

      1. One of the cool things about the Quadrille is that it’s open all week. 🙂 And that we can post more than one, if we want! 44 words is so fun to write, and so easy to get around to read and enjoy.

        1. GULP! just realised I’ve aimed for 55 by mistake this time – Not going to shed any words so perhaps it’s makes a Quinrille?! 😮

    1. twinklings in the leaf canopy just like the wily smiling eyes of a seducer Sherry 😉

  1. Loved these: “kaleidoscope of secret summer”, “limbs trembling to our rhythm
    a spangled mosaic” — a piece of musical art. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Belated thanks Kerry – wistful end to summer
      This month so far has left me little time for reciprocal blog visits & acknowledgements

  2. So full of beauty this is. So evocative of changing seasons. …the twisted canopy of colours my vista kaleidoscope of secret summer lie ins…I just love this image and it so fits the photograph.

    1. bit late catching your comment but I do appreciate your appreciation of the view from some summer loving!

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