White Buddha

poem - white buddha
photoart – © 2017 – Laura Granby

There are always trees
but a white Buddha riding is not so usual
a slow ride too after much fasting
pale and thin from long hours in Banyan shade
red bull and gold fragmented light – spirit travellers
on the one way trip to Bliss

A brief journey in 44 words for the Quadrille #39: Bliss

29 thoughts on “White Buddha

    1. yes evidently still in enlightenment mode Donna – this wasone of those times when the poem followed the photoart

  1. We all see bliss differently but I am glad that contentment thinking, praying and doing no harm is a good yardstick to go by.

    1. according to the Tradition Bliss goes hand in hand with emptiness – I’m still to full of myself!

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