Merlot noir

Just beyond the bruised lips of consciousness.
Jim Harrison

You were no gentleman – the impatient kiss
brusque and blooded shook me
far too far past trusting yet my bodyguard slipped
down the rabbit hole, bolted and left consciousness
on a thread between two worlds
the wine was the colour of blackbirds
and like some pantomine character, you appeared
in the mist as Merlin

to be continued…the poem must have lost consciousness as the poet was not quite ready for an ending  but am joining Jilly’s prompts from Jim Harrison for: Day 10 of 28 days of Unreason
~ and once more I wake to find myself in the pantry at Poets United

15 thoughts on “Merlot noir

    1. many thanks Sherry – taken literally from Merle – French for blackbird – I think there is another bottle somewhere

  1. Every line is packed with ‘pow’ – this poem delivers so much and is so like that quality in Harrison that I most love, but can’t fully define. Filled with fresh language!!

  2. Great! Loved the bodyguard slipping down the rabbit hole, and wine the color of blackbirds. Excellent.

    1. I like rare! Many thanks Charley – I hope there will be a 2nd course sometime

  3. Love this especially; ““The wine was the color of blackbirds.” 💜

    1. thank you Sanaa – and for managing to follow here from the pantry – having such difficultly now with blogger platforms. The gulf between us is getting wider 😥

      1. Oh gosh I hope not. Everything will fall back in place.. 😊 hopefully these glitches in blogger are temporary. 💜

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