Peace puzzle

After the soldiers decamped
dancing girls cried, lost their footing
on the bridge's fading tempo of a two-step

Arriving high on reprieve
they'd drink down to dumbfound dregs
puzzled by the lull, the way good wine spoiled
when sailing ships were idled by doldrums

the dVerse 44 word quadrille is always a challenge and this week Mish has also posed it as a Puzzle

11 thoughts on “Peace puzzle

  1. Well……I’m not sure I’m taking away the “meaning” you meant to convey…but isn’t that the truth of writing? Once it’s penned, the reader is in control – in a way. I’m thinking of, for example, the Viet Nam war when all the soldiers left and the women of the villages were left behind, some with children, some expecting. I suppose it was this way in WW II as well. Or that is the stereo-type of war? What is left behind from war? On either side of the fight?

    1. one is always searching for what the writer meant – the reader takes what they can figure for themselves. That is the puzzle 😉
      Perhaps it is also about how vividly focused life becomes under war conditions and how soldiers have to adapt to the extreme contrasts of leave and the front line

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