where the flowers went

“Nature has introduced great variety into the landscape
but man has displayed a passion for simplifying it”
Rachel Carson

we return to the earth
its mined minerals
as polished paving and hard-core floors
branches cast into concrete beams
trunking for unsightly wire
magnificent murals that mimic floral drifts
and in office foyers, reaching for the skylight
a token grove of potted trees

One from a photoart (and photography) series I am working on where construction meets nature – along with a poem for Kim’s quadrille feel the earth move


14 Comments on “where the flowers went

  1. I love the way your quadrille and artwork complement each other, Laura, and the idea that we return to the earth as practical things. I’d love to be one of those ‘magnificent murals that mimic floral drifts’.


  2. Superb short reflection that Carson would’ve loved—couldn’t have a better concluding line.


  3. Simplified to a token pot.

    How hard it is to explain to defenders of the Tokai pine plantation
    No, that is NOT A Forest!


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