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As part of theCreative Cloud package, I have access to Adobe’s Spark Page- a visual and digital storytelling app – and since there are quite a number of my holiday photos from the Thanet Coast in Kent, I’ve put together this  ‘glideshow’ which is a manual scroll slider. Just click on the boatman ‘polaroid’ to view (opens in a new window).

Personally I like the presentation visuals from Spark Page and would appreciate your feedback in the comments below. Also I’d like to know if anyone else is a Spark user. Took me a while to figure the edits but others may be quicker and brighter!


10 Comments on “Bright spark

  1. (Sorry I tried – slow to load – and on a laptop zoomed to 120% I can’t get the whole picture to fit in the screen)


    • Maybe it’s your connection – I found no trouble with loading or presentation whether on phone, tablet or computer screen but always useful to know others’ experience so thank you for feedback Diana


  2. This was a bright spark and gave such a tour of Ramsgate. This was a wonderful trip you gave with this new tool. Thanks


    • Ahh glad to hear that Sherwood -thank you for appreciation of holiday photos – the light was so clear. Actually the spark Page presentation can be done in other ways than a glideshow so some versatility there


  3. Wow – I LOVE that slideshow, although that is really too boring a word for this great visual story telling! The deep, bright colours transported me straight to the seaside. I hope to see more of this visual storytelling here, Laura.


    • I enjoyed putting all the photos together in that way instead of just posting en bloc here – the presentation has more dynamism too but of course it does give the visits to adobe and no this site!
      Kiki – this was your free entry to British seaside show 😉 the polaroids are another matter and another post 😐

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