Blowsy blooms in amaranthine borders
signal a half-blown season
July has jump-jacked summer
to the wide bowl watering hole
a cement toad, warty and wryly smiling
hosts one feather-freckled fledgling there
dipping earnestly, head arrowed skyward
seeing squealing swifts boomerang
some high-rise insect clouds

A quadrille for Mish’s prompt: Freckle

29 thoughts on “Fledgling

  1. You captured gorgeous sounds in your quadrille, Laura, especially ‘blowsy blooms’, ‘kump-jacked summer’ and ‘feather-freckled fledgling’, which evoke roses on the breeze and birds fluttering in trees – all of which is right outside my window! I love the warty, wryly smiling cement toad!

  2. I love the graphic artwork! The busy-ness of it mirrors the busy-ness of the images flashing in the poetry. Both of them colorful and entertaining.

  3. I also love July has jump-jacked summer. An alliterative rhythmic way to say what almost every patient tells me… “I can’t believe summer is almost already gone.” In your poem we feel it slipping through our fingers, with the rest of time, framed only by the solid frames, the cement toad, the high rises, the season and its denizens dance around those. We hate to see summer go, as much as we love Autumn, as it fades we are often more apt to hear, “I can’t believe winter is almost here, brrr!” Your poem has jump jacked the aphorisms that are otherwise staid, even the toad seems to croak, given life by its visitor. Six months from now it will just be another piece of stone, out of place under the snow, waiting for spring. Love where you brought me here Laura.

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