The sundial

a sundial tells the hours in shadows
slow-winged in flight
as of some exotic butterfly
mercurial, mathematical
moving time onward yet motionless
set in stony stillness on a dayglo lawn
where primulas hold hot candled colours
like an oriental sunrise
of my brief imaginings

Celebrating the 8th anniversary of the dverse poets pub with Grace’s quadrille which is just 44 words about Sun

29 thoughts on “The sundial

  1. A sundial is a perfect choice for the prompt, and you make the most of it. Shadows telling time is a terrific image; silent, stalwart, until clouds cover the sun.

  2. I love the description of the sundial like some exotic butterfly. Such a lovely time to behold an oriental sunrise.

    Thanks for being part of the dverse team and community Laura.

    1. as you watch the shadows of time move, the butterfly wings of gnomon and its shadow open and close – it makes for such a good metaphor too! Many thanks for the prompt and for including me in the Poetics community

  3. Sundials are wonderful, Laura, and I’ve longed for an unusual one in our garden for a long time. I love that they ‘tell the hours in shadows / slow-winged in flight’ – if only our lives were slowed back down to that pace again. I also love the image of the ‘mercurial, mathematical butterfly’.

    1. I’ve often thought of making time to make one Kim! The gnomon is mercurial in its metallic element and its flight – thank you Kim – was happy with that line

      1. I love primulas whereas I’m not sure I wouldn’t find an oriental sunrise hopelessly garish, like a photoshopped municipal flower display.

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