Candid canine

This is Jim – my son’s dog. He is a photogenic brown and white collie cross who rarely keeps still so it is a challenge to take his picture. These images are shot with my iPhone6 and the ‘live feature’ captures a brief sequence of shots, allowing me to select one where at least he is within frame.

Jim is renowned for his long tongue – it is his signature feature.

For the Lens Artist’s Photo Challenge: Candid – because I do not like taking up front and personal photos of people without consent

15 thoughts on “Candid canine

  1. Haha, love these – what great shots, and what a lovely Jim! Indeed his tongue is remarkable as well…
    My oldest guy, Totti also has got a long tongue. He has sliced it a couple of times when playing with other dogs. The thing is that they bleed heavily then.

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