Full up

Framing in photography is one of the arts that turns a snap into a photo. Filling it with one predominant scenario, colour or texture, is one aspect of this. It brings the subject to the viewer and cuts out distraction. Here I have paired photos – slide to view.

Full of flowers for impact

Full of foliage – for detail

Full of lines – to draw the eye

Full of music

Full of form – for curiosity

Full of movement or stillness – for focus

Full of colour – for visuals

Joining the Lens Artist Photo Challenge: Filling the Frame

13 thoughts on “Full up

  1. Beautiful examples of filling the frame, Laura. The patterns you’ve revealed in your close ups are marvelous. The black and white of the fern is one of my favorites, as well as the musical instrument.

  2. Love your frame filling – I think I should do that more often, although with my favourite 50mm lens not always possible as you have to have a certain distance that doesn’t allow for moving in too close. Must get out the macro lenses more…

  3. What a wonderful post Laura – loved the way you did the pairings, very clever! Your foliage shots are perfection! Thanks for joining us this week.

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