Laying claim to layers

I have walked through many lives,
some of them my own
and I am not who I was,

Stanley Kunitz ~ The Layers
layers of peeling paint on an abandoned boat
stones that break the surface, weed that goes with the flow – so many tiers to a river bed
luscious layers to a Cornish Longwool
tiers of texture and ‘vintage’ colour contrast between arable and woodland
slabbed mudflats of Martlesham, Suffolk – (& split toning effect of 2 colour layers)

Linking up with Amy’s Lens Artists Photo Challenge of Layered

14 thoughts on “Laying claim to layers

  1. Many interpretations possible – and you gave us some great ones – love the Longwool very much – and the rich quote. Makes me think.

feedback is food for thought....

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