Laying claim to layers

I have walked through many lives,
some of them my own
and I am not who I was,

Stanley Kunitz ~ The Layers
layers of peeling paint on an abandoned boat
stones that break the surface, weed that goes with the flow – so many tiers to a river bed
luscious layers to a Cornish Longwool
tiers of texture and ‘vintage’ colour contrast between arable and woodland
slabbed mudflats of Martlesham, Suffolk – (& split toning effect of 2 colour layers)

Linking up with Amy’s Lens Artists Photo Challenge of Layered

14 Comments on “Laying claim to layers

  1. That Cornish Longwool looks very well coiffured, like it just came back from the salon 😀


  2. Finely layered in these different approaches, Laura. And that is a profound quote to start the week with.


  3. Beautiful layer series, Laura! The last two images are my favorite photos. Thank you for joining in! 💖


  4. Many interpretations possible – and you gave us some great ones – love the Longwool very much – and the rich quote. Makes me think.


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