A garden visit

Swarms of garden gazers
gleefully swoop on bold bedding, right-royal roses,
past pools of voluptuous vegetation, they stream
along water features for refreshments

As solitary bee, I skulk behind bamboo
conjure haikus and listen to the quivering, quaking stems
when human hubbub trails away

Just 44 words for De’s quadrille prompt: Quiver

33 thoughts on “A garden visit

  1. Killer second stanza, love the bee’s POV, helping us to be even more aware of what goes on beneath our feet, and in the tall grass.

  2. I love the perspective of your quadrille, Laura, and the image of a bee conjuring haiku while humans create a hubbub in the bamboo!

  3. Just read it again, but this time aloud. Loving the sounds in this. That human hubbub being one. The alliteration is wonderful.

  4. Yes, we have to wait for the rest to leave us – quiet gardens are wonderful. And I prefer photos with no strangers…

  5. Love the two different moods of the swarm and the solitary and how your use of words changes for each ‘right royal roses’ verses your beautiful (as much mentioned) bamboo/conjure haiku. Truly beautiful. Quiver inspired you to bees and me to pregnant cats 🙄

    1. very well observed and spot on – deliberate use of swarm/people and solitary/me/poet.

      p.s. maybe our inspiration for quiver has something to do with milk and honey

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