Isolation #5

This was the scene in London’s St James’ park just 2 years ago. This amount of social contact is only just about acceptable as with the Covid-19 pandemic, it is recommended that we keep at least a 6 feet distance between us. But video news today suggests that so many of us decided to get out and about in the fresh air that thoroughfares, beaches and parks were crowded in many UK spots, including London parks. [see DM: so much for social distancing]

For as long as I'm well, am posting a pic a day to enhance these times of isolation

10 thoughts on “Isolation #5

  1. Beautiful image….
    We’re now under total lockdown and in order to go anywhere we have to carry a permit or send sms [even for dogwalking ;-)] Reason is some people thought it would be smart to go out and mingle, so we’re now under strict circulation measures. Hope that works! 😉

      1. Good thing she’s an ‘easy’ pup and doesn’t complain about the long cleaning process whenever we return from our walks! It’s safer to stay home – it really is! I wonder why people don’t see this!

  2. That really is a picture of ‘a host, of golden daffodils’ – no wonder people want to go out and see them. Even up on my hill yesterday there were more people than I have probably seen in the entire 4 years I have lived here. But family groups and we all kept our distance from one another.

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