The sundial

a sundial tells the hours in shadows
slow-winged in flight
as of some exotic butterfly
mercurial, mathematical
moving time onward yet motionless
set in stony stillness on a dayglo lawn
where primulas hold hot candled colours
like an oriental sunrise
of my brief imaginings

Celebrating the 8th anniversary of the dverse poets pub with Grace’s quadrille which is just 44 words about Sun

Hostas & Hovers

The garden is full of hoverflies at the moment and not least amongst the favoured flowers for these visitors are the Hostas. This one is called ‘dream queen’ which has much thicker leaves, theoretically less attractive to slugs. The foliage almost feels like a succulent and succulent the pollen appears to be for this hoverfly – you can see the grains showering down over its head as it partakes of some protein, in this macro for Monday.

Note from Urban Pollinators blog:
Most hoverflies visit flowers for nectar but some hoverflies such as some Melanostoma spp., Syrphus spp. and Episyrphus balteatus (Marmalade hoverfly) are specialised pollen feeders and often visit flowers just to feed on the pollen

two worlds

a brisk breeze brushes off sultry summer from my skin

through graveyard grasses it stirs to a tempest
old bones confined to rest listen for the last trumpet

brown butterflies fling themselves like tumbleweed
half torn from its moorings, a spider’s flag, filigreed
– in intermittent lulls we re-compose – in opposition

Taking up the Ragtag daily challenge of Wind with a cherita style poetry form