I am thy fool in the morning, thou art my slave in the night.
Paul Dunbar ~ Paradox

Though you outrank, I outwit
and enact the birdbrain beauty by day
by jest and gesture

by command an unbidden entertainer
wound like a top, I teeter and pirouette
jibing with a wicked play on words

by appointment to amuse
squeezed betwixt matters of status and state
and that aristocratic alcazar in the air

by servility I’m levelling the ground
by devious pricks at pride, by turning cartwheels
on these sadomasochistic machinations.

Come the night, come clawing at the door
on bended knee to peer at the lock-shaped shaft of light
and staging it all, I’ll disrobe for the uncertain voyeur
the undisputed guest puzzling the password
wondering how it is that you walk celestial spheres
yet the draw of the moon pulls down and down
to these dirty, rumpled, reclusive sheets

By day you hold me in a vice, to promises unsaid.
Dreaming, I am bound to surrender your will.
– Which of us then, has cast the last spell?

Taking 'paradox' as literary device, I've chosen the Dunbar line to set the tone of this poem for my Poetics prompt: Beyond Meaning or The Resolution of Opposites

Particle Theory

My photography has recently come to a standstill and so now is as good a time as any to go back over the archives with the delete button under one hand and the Snapseed App under the other!

Oh, tranquility!
Penetrating the very rock,
A cicada’s voice
~ Basho ~
The soft overcomes the hard; the gentle overcomes the rigid
~ Lao Tsu ~
The Cosmic Photo Challenge this week is Solid, Liquids or Gas ( the geothermal park in New Zealand combines all three . And the prompt permits all sorts of post camera editing too!
And here’s what happens when a solid meets a liquid full on!!

But Not Forgotten

No one fell asleep eternally
Passed on – they died.
And we who stay to wave them off
Should let them go – with God

Lets keep the names
Lest they look back
And feet forget their going

“Be on your way”
that’s all there is to say

I wanted to shorten a poem I wrote some years ago, and De's 44 word quadrille prompt is just what I need to: Go