D is for danger and drama

Among the stones
And over the water,
From spot to spot,
Piercing the darkness,
A shining fire
Lights up and flees.
Take care! Take care!
From afar, from near,
In the green grass,
Beneath the cypresses,
Like mobile flames,
Or frozen beams,
Here come the souls
Of the departed!

Faust Libretto

One of the geothermal wonderlands of New Zealand sculpted by volcanic activity. A wondrous sight tinged with danger amidst scalding pools of minerals where sulphur fumes abound as though the very gates of hell have opened here.

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They say only the south wind flattens grass

“…and the sky
Begins to gloom, and o’er the ground
A moan of coming blasts creeps low
And rustles in the crisping grass;”

Winds from the South soothe
and smooth, rolling the tops of grasses
into a benedictory sea; I hear them sigh
with each wave of caress
those stooped stems, nose down to the North

Then with the receding tide of gusts
their heads thrown back, waving skyward.
All astir, shaken awake
the way a cool morning shower
tingles the blood

Do they too see faces in the clouds
change, darkening with a pent passion?
I sense the girdling of West with South.
A frontal fevered fusion of warmth
salt sweat and expectancy, electric
like the touch of your hand,
hastening us to hideaway.

Not only the south wind flattens grass
lovers leave an imprint there, so too cows
before rain – but the sudden summer storm
tempestuous, torrential, gone in a trice
razes grasses to submission
prostrate before a sovereign strength

Epigraph from South-west in the Woodland – George Meredith – a powerful personified poem of of the South-West wind and well worth a read even if not in mode these days.

Title taken form “Surfacing” by Kathleen Jamie as given by Sarah for her Poetics prompt: Travels in the wild

Copy Cat

I was struck by the mirroring of shape and colour between the hill and the cloud on Sunday’s local walkabout. During lockdown2, I’ve been covering the same ground much of the time and avoiding muddy footpaths whenever possible though this day was not one of them. Because of this I do not often take my G6 camera out with me and instead rely on iPhone hence the clarity of shots is only average.

Final shot for Bushboys Last photo for November prompt