It's always too soon
threescore years and more
elapsed some while before
still - it was early, my day begun
you gone, heaven's gate open all hours
bed side, the truncated cactus is pale
blooms beginning- you could have waited
one more week to see

Joining with Kim’s quadrille ‘Early because it is such a timely personal prompt and because Martin loved this early flowering cactus

24 thoughts on “Truncated

  1. Laura, I am so sorry for your loss. I can imagine feeling like a limbless trunk when the one you hold dearest is taken too early. The early flowering cactus is a wonderful tribute, as is your poignant poem.

  2. This one has rocked me dear Laura….I have no words just my heart to you and wishing you peace.

  3. Your opening lines have an ee cummings feel about them; adds to the melancholy feel of the whole post. Truncated and square are apt images here. Keep writing; keep shooting. Healing art & your talents are gifts that you share with me 🙂

    1. appreciate the cummings association – a poet who made best use of the ordinariness of language and life
      “when by now and tree by leaf
      she laughed his joy she cried his grief”

      Felt great companionship in your last words – thank you Jilly x

  4. These are so moving, I don’t know how you are getting them out. “heaven’s gate open all hours” is just so powerful.

    1. I am normally such a private person but have invariably sought comfort in words. Besdies, the virtual world of our ‘poetosphere’ is always so supportive – your words are no exception and your poetry is the kind I wish I’d written

  5. This is a lovely expression of grief, if that is at all possible. I love that you’ve turned to poetry to deal with this loss. When my sister died over 5 years ago, I did the same, and it helped some. Praying you find comfort and peace in knowing Heaven’s gates will not close before you see Martin again.

    1. Your understanding runs deep and I really appreciated your words Linda- seeing loved ones again is what we long for most as you must feel with your sister

  6. So very sorry about your loss Laura. I lost 2 family members in the last year and I pray also that heaven’s gate opens all hours. May writing and reading help you in your next journey.

  7. a lovely poem with the beloved’s fave things in it, make sit an extra special one to recite when feeling low, I am sorry for your loss. I understand that this grief never goes away

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