Waste paper endings

“Every phrase and every sentence is an end and a beginning / Every poem an epitaph”
Eliot~ Little Gidding

each writer is a butcher
chop chop chopping constructs into bite size
the stream that rises in consciousness
dammed at intervals
to pool as paragraphs - phrased just so

And you, pen in hand with a masterly stroke
executed sentences as short sharp shocks
such gorgeous grammar
proper but non-committal
like breadcrumbs
sparingly metered out in fine prose
with a light sentiment of sonnet

And when all the words were scrabbled
all alphabets off
each dog-eared  letter condemned
snip snipped and torn apart
slivers of love re-cycled

Beginning quote from Eliot’s “Little Gidding“* as Paul @ dVerse asks us to scribble some lines about ‘The End’

10 thoughts on “Waste paper endings

  1. Nice description of the writer as a “butcher” who chops reality into “bite size/mouthpieces”. The sound of the word is more immediate and closer to who we are. They words themselves take us away and have to be incomplete, chopped off bits of reality. I think that incompleteness is good. It allows new poets to keep writing it down over and over again in their own ways.

    1. “he sound of the word is more immediate and closer to who we are” – excellent!

    1. Many thanks Beverly – find endings not easy to get right

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