Haunted by silence

Through planned, positioned trees,
round the next bend,
we stumbled upon the ruins,
still and lifeless, shrouded in mist….

On, past the frugal remains of a kitchen
and a refectory carpeted in grass,
a chapel, roofless
and still haunted by silence.

Fountains Abbey ~ Gill Renard

Another misty Autumn evening walk and Roche Abbey becomes even more atmospheric

For the Photo a Day Challenge @ CitySonnets: Old

17 thoughts on “Haunted by silence

    1. thank you Jude – Misty not blurry 😉
      p.s. thought of you today as I planted some tulip bulbs in a pot and remembered your wonderful displays

      1. I have three packets of tulips waiting to go onto containers, but another wet day today! At this rate I will have to plant them in the rain! And I am a fair weather gardener.

              1. Undoubtedly here. And mice. I keep thinking about getting a new shed or a small greenhouse. I have a conservatory, but I don’t really want to traipse compost all over it.

  1. Dear Laura, I am constantly amazed at who you are and what you see. How come I to be a part of this family, But God. Awed, Sherwood

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  2. Someone else already wrote this in a comment but my first thought was “very atmospheric.” I like the idea of a refectory carpeted in grass.

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