Once we wore white petticoats
pretty broidered frills
red ones were for cancan girls
and all such naughty thrills
advancing adolescence saw us
slink into silk slips
hands that lingered longingly
over breast and hips
surfing all the curved preserves
of honeymoon hors d’oeuvres

A 44 word ditty that borders on the burlesque with Linda's quadrille prompt: Slip

40 thoughts on “Titillation

  1. You mention the cancan, and now all I can think about is the police officer who used to inspect to see if the performers in the mulan rouge were wearing underwear. If they weren’t they could be arrested.

  2. Lovely, lovely. I did think of petticoats but didn’t write of them

    Happy Monday

    much ❧✿❧ love

  3. I’ve not worn a silk slip since I can’t remember when. Nice use of the given word!

  4. Smiling – the silk slips were brilliant – I love that girls are wearing them as blouses and dresses now- makes this topical and nostalgic all at once.

    PS – I always envied the can-can girls their red petticoats.

  5. Lovely, intimate, and close. We wear so little around our skin and hearts, nice frills and smooth feels, this is also who we are, mixed in with all those other parts.

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