Once I stole
Fruit from the bowl
Popped open fuchsia buds
Hid pennies in the brass
Umbrella stand, its funnelled base
A perfect fit. But question if my hand
Let slip
The sly-faced pansy jug.
Those spying eyes
All pulverized.
- I'll smile and shrug.

Writing a childish confession in 44 words for Lisa’s quadrille prompt: Stand

42 thoughts on “Understood

  1. What a naughty child you were! I love this – it really captures the way children assign character and expresssion to inanimate objects. I remember some very menacing wallpaper.

  2. A delightful glimpse into your mischievous childhood Laura 🙂 I am sure that sense of fun has never left you!

  3. Naughty! Hahaha, brings back some fun memories for me—it’s easier as a kid to get away with things especially like stealing the fruit or in my case cookies. 👀 Nicely written, I could see that this is only a glimpse at such mischief. Love it!

  4. Such a delightful regression, Laura. All of those special things from childhood that we carry with us forever. Sounds like you had good reason to silence the witnesses 🙂

  5. A fun confession from childhood. You really captured the essence in a few words.
    I still see faces in things. . . and once you see them, you can’t unsee them. 😀

  6. Oh let’s just call you curious, investigative, spirited……..ok, maybe a bit naughty. 😉

  7. This is so much something that I would have done, Laura… I didn’t succeed at being sneaky very often, but I continuously tried…


  8. Haha… love this. I too used to pop the fuchsias! As for faces there was definitely one in my parent’s walnut wardrobe which totally frightened me.

    1. Hey Jude – nice to meet a fellow popper – I was too impatient to see what frill colours would emerge. Walnut trees are scary – at school there was one that hung over the wall from the old ladies garden next door that we assumed was a witch and I hesitated to eat the nuts especially as they look remarkably like brains 😉

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