Even before meanings ring

You with your nine lives 
love me to be beautiful
let me paint you one picture
born blue, hands gnarly
the tell-tale signs are there
I've washed my hair
in years
All points east
ever since you announced it
before the guru went away, we came
from all directions
listless as winter

There's Spring nearby 
the year ahead it opens filled 
with a disappearance
of distant trees
of birds hopping two-legged
their field empty, clogged with mud 
- raining again

For my MTB prompt Finding It First we’re composing a ‘Found’ poem of very first lines of poetry from our own first poem of the month Jan-Dec 2022. If we did not post a poem every month, then we choose first lines from the rest of January 2022 poems. 12 is the mandatory minimum, more is optional. No additions are permitted other than tense, preposition or conjunction, and enjambment for added flow and sense. Date order is not required. The title of this poem is taken from a 1st line of my “Two Takes on Thesaurus

35 thoughts on “Even before meanings ring

  1. This is simply marvelous work done, Laura! 😍 I admire; “There’s Spring nearby… the year ahead it opens filled with a disappearance of distant trees. Thank you for the lovely prompt! 💜💜

  2. I admire the formatting of the poem in 3 parts, each with a theme. Last stanza speaks to me of the spring’s arrival, birds, muddy field and rain. Thank you for the creative writing challenge Laura.

  3. Three excellent poems Laura. The first two felt mystical, while the third, melancholy.
    wonderful. 🙂✌🏼

  4. That really works. I love the idea of washing your hair in years – that must be why the colour is washing right out of mine. 🙂

  5. All the verses are so evocative, and I appreciated the little breaks for reflection after each section. The second section was my favorite! 👏👏

  6. “Before the guru went away, we came
    from all directions, listless as winter.”

    “a disappearance of distant trees
    of birds hopping two- legged,
    their field empty.”

    These passages appear as the most evocative to me.

  7. Beautifully done! I read these as three separate entities….and would NEVER guess this was found poetry. I love each one! 🙂

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